MIA – death in family

I was starting back on this blog and getting my posts caught up… and then I got a call. My dad passed away. My family and I had to travel 2000 miles across country to make his arrangements and clean out his home. Three days of driving, 2 days of cleaning and making arrangements, and… Continue reading MIA – death in family

Birthday Boy!

I can not believe that my oldest is 4 years old! Since birth he has woken me up at 5am on his birthday, this year was no different. He came strolling into our room at 5:03am. It is like he knows that he broke my water at that time each year. Happy birthday baby boy!

Sick Kiddo

My youngest has been sick for over week now. Brought him into to the local pediatric hospital Texas Children’s on the pediatricians nurse line advice. He’s had diarrhea and a low grade fever for more than 3 days, and they were worried about the fever lasting so long. Thinking maybe he had some bacterial infection… Continue reading Sick Kiddo