Sept 6 was my 1 year anniversary with Color Street, or my “Colorversary”! It’s just nails right? Just signing up to support my addiction. It’s fun. It will keep me busy. A year ago I would never have believed that I would be Director with a team of 20 amazing ladies! I would have never… Continue reading Anniversary!

Things To Come

I am almost caught up with the house renovations posts, and I’ll update y’all on the newest issues. More electrical problems and a new dishwasher! We finally got a small break in the heat and I was able to almost complete one of my projects. So I will have an update on that. I also… Continue reading Things To Come

To Stay Or To Work

I always imagined myself as a working mom. Its how I was raised. My parents both worked outside the home. Its how I imagined myself, especially after the time and money I invested in myself entering EMS (Emergency Medical Services). With 10 years in EMS and plans of completing my Paramedic training, I couldn’t see… Continue reading To Stay Or To Work