Surprising Foundation Review

A few weeks ago I completely ran out of my Benefit Hello Happy foundation. We were not going near our local Ulta and shipping would not have arrived by the next weekend. We were going to Walmart though, so I browsed the “drug store” foundations and found one from Wet N Wild. I have seen… Continue reading Surprising Foundation Review

BoxyCharm Subscription

I have been trying out a few different subscriptions, and came across BoxyCharm. I have received two boxes so far. So far I am loving the selection they have given me. The palettes are beautiful! Everything works really well with my skin tone. Some subscription services, you fill out the profile and then wonder why… Continue reading BoxyCharm Subscription

Things To Come

I am almost caught up with the house renovations posts, and I’ll update y’all on the newest issues. More electrical problems and a new dishwasher! We finally got a small break in the heat and I was able to almost complete one of my projects. So I will have an update on that. I also… Continue reading Things To Come