We finally got new kitchen countertops last November just before Thanksgiving. It was such a process!! Half the problem was our indecisiveness, and the other was getting things scheduled. First we wanted corian, then quartz, granite, and then quartz again. We wanted durable, and the more people we got quotes from the more the information… Continue reading Countertops!

Garage and Office Updates

Just a quick post about two minor updates we did. Y’all just one more post and I have finally caught up with our renovations! The garage is still a work in progress. We haven’t done much of anything in there, as we are trying to complete the interior before working on the garage. But we… Continue reading Garage and Office Updates

A few more updates and a lawnmower?

Soon after installing a new water heater in the attic, summer heat hit Texas. The person that installed the water heater didn’t mention anything about having a fan in the attic to help with the summer heat. I never lived in a home with a water heater in the attic before. I didn’t know that… Continue reading A few more updates and a lawnmower?

More Electrical Work

I know. More electrical?? Did you buy a dud house? Haha! It’s all good things this time! We updated and added light fixtures! This is our dining area. Before this was a tiny little pod light in the ceiling. It was awful and barely gave any light to the area. This chandelier is gorgeous and… Continue reading More Electrical Work

Things To Come

I am almost caught up with the house renovations posts, and I’ll update y’all on the newest issues. More electrical problems and a new dishwasher! We finally got a small break in the heat and I was able to almost complete one of my projects. So I will have an update on that. I also… Continue reading Things To Come