A few more updates and a lawnmower?

Soon after installing a new water heater in the attic, summer heat hit Texas. The person that installed the water heater didn’t mention anything about having a fan in the attic to help with the summer heat. I never lived in a home with a water heater in the attic before. I didn’t know that… Continue reading A few more updates and a lawnmower?

Things To Come

I am almost caught up with the house renovations posts, and I’ll update y’all on the newest issues. More electrical problems and a new dishwasher! We finally got a small break in the heat and I was able to almost complete one of my projects. So I will have an update on that. I also… Continue reading Things To Come

Electrical Work

When we bought our house we knew from the home inspection that we need a couple electrical things done. A GFCI outlet was needed in the garage, the main panel needed to be relabeled and there was a wire exposed in the attic. Within the first few weeks of owning the house, I had that… Continue reading Electrical Work