Want FREE nails?

Have a long wish list of nail designs? Host a party with me!

Its easy and fun! Let’s pick a date! Typically a week night at 8pm CST. I will create a Facebook party and send the link. I do most of the work, but need just a few things from you! First! Personally message your friends and family to join the party. Second! Interact during the party! When you tag your friends in a post they may like (“Hey Susie – look at these! Aren’t they adorable?”) they will participate more! When you comment and share your favorites (“Look what I just found – these are my favorites!”) your friends will do the same! More participation typically leads to more orders – and more orders means more free nails for you!!

I will post a few things about Color Street leading up to the party, and on the night of the party we will play some games and have fun! I have lots of giveaways for your friends!

What do you get? Trust me I never forget about this party! My hostesses are my main priority! We want to get you the most free nails possible! Here’s how the rewards work –

So a party with $150 in sales, you get 10% credit ($15!) and a half price set. You could get a French mani free, and a glitter design set for $6.50.

$150! Don’t worry, that is just 4 orders with Buy 3 Get 1 free! 4 orders and you qualify for free nails! I encourage you to make your goal $300 in sales, you then earn 15% credit, 3 nails half off, and FREE shipping!

Better yet….if your friend books a party during your party, you can earn $25 credit to spend at their party when it reaches $300 in sales!

When can we book your party?

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