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Closing day! (Feb 2019) We were so excited to start our renovations and make this house our home!

Leo is holding the front panel of our kitchen counter. Haha! We took it with us to find a kit to make it a sponge drawer in front of our sink.

The very first renovation was replacing our water heater. It’s in the attic, so I have no before and after of that. Attics and basements are not my thing! (In New Hampshire we had basements, Texas does not have basements)

The second was a security system with cameras. Maybe not technically a renovation, but very important either way. Keeping my family safe is always a top priority. We went with the same company we used while renting (the system was already set up in the rental house). The technicians were great, informative, and professional. I would recommend Smith Thompson Security to anyone wanting to protect their home!

So then the painting began! But before we get to that, lets see a few before pictures.

The kitchen was a pale almost neon green!

I have to add in here, being a first time home buyer in Texas, I didn’t know people travel with their refrigerators! Renters and sellers, both take their fridge with them! I found this while renting. Even some apartments do not supply a fridge! I was baffled by this. We were excited to learn this fridge stayed with the house!

Leo’s “Dino” room was a tan color. Yes, that mural came with the house!

Not sure if they were trying to pull the tans from the mural, or if this color was already on the wall when they added mural.

Yes, those are our paint samples in the middle of the room. We went through a few trial and errors picking the right shades for each room.

We then labeled the back of each color swatch so we knew which color went in what room. We also did this to save for later, in case we needed touch up paint in a few years or so.

The majority of the house was a light grey in different shades.

There was a yellow accent wall in the main living area with large matte yellow diamond shapes horizontal across the wall.

This fireplace was one of the reasons we chose this house. Besides the huge windows and great floor plan, the double sided fire place was my favorite feature!

The master was a muted pale yellow-orange color. The other bedrooms were shades of grey.

I started working on the largest area first. The living areas. We chose 3 different shades of grey. A dark grey for the fire place, and two lighter greys for the main walls. In the dining and play area of the living areas, there is a chair rail, darker grey on top, lighter on the bottom. The lighter grey also went into the main living area. and down the hall.

Painting with two littles is not an easy task! The toys were everywhere! Babies crawling, crying, grabbing the plastic painters sheet, and toddlers running, brushing against wet paint, and dropping the paint covered stir stick on the tile floor! (Yes, thankful it landed on the tile floor for easier clean up!)

I love how the greys turned out together! This is the front entry where there is a small picture inlet I also painted white to freshen up.

I still have yet to paint the trim and baseboards white, but that is coming!

My favorite feature! The fire place was done in a dark charcoal grey. Really makes it stand out! This picture was just before we had the floors replaced, and I was trying hard to get the baseboards painted before they arrived. I then realized that I wasn’t able to get the entire baseboard due to the thick carpet, and gave up. I painted some of the trim around the fire place instead.

Next I tackled the kitchen! Leo loved me climbing all over the counters to paint over the cabinets! This is Burnt Pumpkin! Love it! Its an amazing pop of color in a mostly grey house! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and this makes it feel warm and happy to me!

The hallway was up next. Don’t judge the painting here, the walls were still wet when I took the photo! Haha!

This is the same grey used in the main living areas.

The doors are also on my painting list for later. Just to freshen them up!

Found this amazing mirror that fits this front entry area perfectly!

Door knobs also replaced. Front and back doors, and every door knob in the house! I quickly realized we had way too many doors!

We ventured to several stores to finally find a place that had enough door knobs in stock to cover what we needed!

Both bathrooms were done in this darker grey. I needed my husband’s help with finishing both bathrooms as I could not reach above the showers or bath tub, even with the ladder.

Next up was the master. A beautiful, fun, cheery peach color with a blue accent wall. I’ll be honest, I was excited but nervous about how the peach color would look. But once I had a large area done, I fell in love with it! Its such a beautiful color.

In Leo’s room we did a greenish blue that pairs well with his “Dino” mural. He also has an inlet for a TV or toys, and I painted that light grey.

We painted the spare room a cool shade of green, like a light hunter green. Just haven’t taken those pictures yet. I’ll update here when I do.

In the front entry was a round dome light, similar to those in the hallways.

When the electrician was here fixing the other issues (see the Electrical Work post) we had him swap out this light for a chandelier. Love the new light! (Picture below was taken during the day, the light (bulbs) is very bright)

In the dining area and play area there was only one small light in the dining area. Not wanting to have a floor lamp in the kids area, we decided to install a ceiling fan with lights in the center of the room. Its location makes it nice for both areas until we get a chandelier for above our dining table.

Check out the post on replacing our floors here.

We then replaced our stove. See that post here.

Soon after we also had to replace our tv and my computer in one weekend. Not a renovation – but large purchases none the less. And it also meant no large purchase for the home that week. See that post here.

You can also see the post for the tools we had acquired up to this point here.

We then replaced our fridge. Read about that here.

Soon after was to replace our dishwasher. See that post here.

We then replaced the microwave shortly after this.

Replaced the dining room tiny light with a chandelier.

Painted the spare room and Greyson’s room.

Replaced the back door. See that post here.

Did some landscaping around the house.

Replaced the kitchen faucet. See that post here.

Added attic fan, which I don’t have photos for – but see that post here.

Changed the lights in the master bath. See that post here.

New lawnmower, see that post here.

Outside garage light and backyard light – See that post here.

Painted a chalk wall in my office – See that post here. If you missed me creating the office, see that post here.

kitchen ceiling lights (still have to paint the ceiling though) See that post here.

garage shelving – See that post here.

I painted the kitchen cabinets, and we are still in the process of adding the hardware to them. I’ll have a post and update on that soon. We are half way through the process of ordering new countertops as well.

Stay tuned…. Ill have the posts for these upgrades up soon and will link them here.

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