Creations and more

I have been very busy with customized orders the last couple months. Check out a few of the things I have made. For updates, shopping, or to place an order check out You can also shop my new website (please be patient as I am still adding all my creations there)

New Business Adventure

I am super excited to announce that I will be taking on a new business adventure!! One that is all mine! I just got in most of my supplies and equipment! Exhausted Mumma Creations will be making custom tumblers, vinyl decals, and other crafts! I also will be adding t-shirts shortly as well! We picked… Continue reading New Business Adventure


Sept 6 was my 1 year anniversary with Color Street, or my “Colorversary”! It’s just nails right? Just signing up to support my addiction. It’s fun. It will keep me busy. A year ago I would never have believed that I would be Director with a team of 20 amazing ladies! I would have never… Continue reading Anniversary!

Work at home and direct sales

There are basically two kinds of thoughts when someone says “I work in direct sales”. First is thinking of the annoying door to door solicitors, and the nagging scammers. “Make $1,000 a week from your couch.” Right? The second is when you think of Avon and Tupperware. I mean who’s parents or grandparents did the… Continue reading Work at home and direct sales


My husband and I have decided to start another business as resellers! We shop around and snag the best deals and then resell them. We have already kind of been doing this for years. Selling on apps and Facebook Marketplace. It was just sporadic. He got to talking with his co-workers and they mentioned buying… Continue reading Reseller!

Tools for healthy nails

Healthy nails with a beautiful manicure make any woman feel confident. Here are a few tips, tricks and tools I use to help my nails stay healthy. First make sure to moisturize your hands. You can use just about any moisturizer for this. Here are a few of my favorites. They work well without leaving… Continue reading Tools for healthy nails