About Usborne Books & More

Peter Usborne created Usborne Publishing in the UK to compete with the attention of screens that were taking over the lives of children. He wanted books to be vibrant, educational and attractive to kids.

30 years ago Peter Usborne and Randall White collaborated to bring Usborne Publishing to the United States. In 2008 Kane Miller Publishing was acquired.

UBAM has over 2500 titles and growing. From newborn to young adult, there is something for everyone! Cloth books, board books, sticker books, painting, crafts, picture books, classics, reference books, beginner chapter books, young adult chapter books, and so much more.

Personal Shopper

Let me be your personal shopper. I am happy to make a personalized book package for you. Just let me know your readers ages, current interests or school subjects they need help with, and your total budget.

You can browse and shop directly from the package OR send me the total via paypal, venmo or facebook pay and I’ll place the order for you.

I am also booking virtual appointments. Need some help shopping, and want to place the order now? No problem! Book an appointment with me, we will chat about your readers, and Ill create a book package at the same time. Shop directly from the package, or send the total via PayPal for me to place the order.

Book Series Delivery

If you choose books from a series, I can automatically send the next book to you. I’ll order the entire series in my bulk order delivered to me, pay me via PayPal, and every month I’ll automatically send a new book! See Book Series section for more details here.

Book Subscription

Want fabulous books delivered automatically to you doorstep? Customize your subscription by choosing how many books, how many months, and to pay in full or monthly. See Book Subscription section for more details here.


Browse and shop any time on my e-commerce site here

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