Book Subscription

Do you want books sent automatically to your doorstep each month?

Customize the subscription by choosing how many books, and for how long.

Small contains 1-2 books, medium has 3-4 books, and large has 5-6 books. The 12 month subscription (all sizes) also includes an extra free book sent on your readers birthday.

For example, should you select the Large box for 12 months, you would save 15%. $70 worth of free books is automatically added to your order and included into your subscription. You pay $357. This includes shipping for each month, and any taxes. The order would also qualify for $100 worth of books for half off. You do not need to use the entire amount, or any if you choose not to. Should you choose the extra $100 worth of books, you would pay an extra $50. You may include the extra amount (up to $50) in the subscription payment with a note stating “$50 half off books”. You may also make a note of “No half off books” if you choose to not take advantage of the extra books.

Order now!

To order, select which plan you would like, and send the total listed via paypal here. Don’t forget to include your readers ages and interests in the notes.

Don’t see a plan that works for you? Just contact me for a custom subscription. I can work with any budget!


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