No more calls

My birthday was this weekend. As much as I love my birthday, I was grieving. My father’s anniversary of his death is next month. This was my first birthday without a call from him. Even though in previous years I never thought about his phone calls, this years I would have given anything to get… Continue reading No more calls

Prime Day Deals

Here are some of the best deals I have found today! Fire HD 8 tablet is 50% off! Samsung phones and chargers up to 25% off Noise cancelling headphones 61% off! Waterpik 43% off Bose headphones 44% off Up to 50% off kids toys Up to 35% off Cupshe swimsuits 54% off… Continue reading Prime Day Deals


Hey y’all! Thanks for checking out my new website! Please excuse the construction as I get everything ready! Stay tuned for tons more posts!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Two weeks ago I woke up feeling very lightheaded. As the day went on I felt weak with muscle aches. I relaxed as best I could. If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, y’all know I have two boys. Relaxing is just not in the cards with them. One of my husbands coworkers… Continue reading Sick and tired of being sick and tired