For us in Texas, October means the start of cooler weather! We are finally out of the 100’s and into the mid 80’s!

It also means Halloween! My favorite holiday! We have started decorating the house slowly. We have a few strands of lights on the trees, and a couple blow up decorations on the lawn.

We lost a few pages of window clings last year due to them not staying up any longer, but we have put up the couple that we do have. Still in search of new clings. Halloween items have been in stores here for over a month, so supply is dwindling.

I have not set up my spooky village yet, but hopefully will this weekend.

I will update this post with pictures when we are done decorating.

Unrelated news – I will have a post coming soon on our kitchen backsplash. I am still in the process of changing it, doing a small section at a time. Also in the next month or so, we will be changing out the lights in the garage, so I will have a post on that. Unfortunately I will not have any posts on gardening again, I miss my veggie garden but I just haven’t had time. Definitely planning a spring garden! Also come spring I will have a new landscaping post as we replace flowers in the front garden, and continue to grow our front lawn.

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