I recently purchased a Larktale wagon for my boys and I wanted to share my review of it.

First the assembly was very easy. The main part of the wagon is already assembled, just needs to be opened up. The storage bag is already attached as well. The brake petal needs to be attached, but it’s a simple push to lock in. Then the wheels attach simply by pushing to lock in. I’ll admit I did assemble the wheels backwards at first! I had the larger wheel in the front…oops! My advice to avoid the mistake – don’t follow the instructions! The photos are not clear as to where things belong, but looking at the photo is much easier to decipher….also common sense helps as well. In the late afternoon, my brain was exhausted from my boys shenanigans!

Our first adventure was at an outdoor flea market. This tested the wagon in several types of terrain. The flea market is in an open gravel lot. The vendor’s are on concrete pads. It had just rained so there were lots of very muddy areas. The wagon performed beautifully on all terrain! As smooth through the gravel and mud as the concrete! Being roughly the same width as most strollers, it still fits well through most spaces!

Being five feet long (61″) my 5 year old and almost 3 year old had plenty of space. The bottom of the wagon has a drop down footwell to allow for a natural sitting position, or keep it up to allow your babies a place to nap. The seats are stroller quality with padding, a 5 point harness, and they both recline back. For the first time there was no fighting over leg room! Inside the wagon there is plenty of pockets for drinks and toys. Below the handle is space for wallets, drinks, or other belongings. The other end has a large storage basket that folds up when not in use, and also has a mesh zippered pouch under the basket.

The only thing I did not purchase at the same time as the wagon, was the canopies to keep my boys shaded. I fixed that, and just ordered them!

I have to say for the price tag, $399 without canopies/$499 with canopies, you are getting a very well made, high quality wagon for your kids. I personally believe it is worth every penny, and I wish I had bought it sooner!

Overall – Highly recommend!

If you would like to check it out further, or purchase, you can shop here –

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