Two weeks ago I woke up feeling very lightheaded. As the day went on I felt weak with muscle aches. I relaxed as best I could. If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, y’all know I have two boys. Relaxing is just not in the cards with them.

One of my husbands coworkers said he was feeling the same way, and had just taken the previous two days off for it. He was dizzy, weak with muscle aches, had a cough and sore throat. He suggested a few over the counter meds that had been helping him, and my husband picked them up after work for me.

By the weekend I was not feeling any better. The hospital network that my primary doctor is in offers virtual urgent care visits. So I did a video call with the on call doctor. Even though cold and flu is listed as issues treatable with the video call, in the time of everything being covid, I was told I could not be treated without being seen.

Off to the urgent I went, with family in tow. The urgent care is in a plaza with other businesses so my husband took the kids for a walk while I went in to be seen.

With all the precautions, I got my paperwork and waiting in my truck to be called in to be seen. When I got in to the provider, she asked if I wanted a covid test. Let me just say that it’s not painful per say, but it definitely feels like they are trying to reach your brain! It’s very uncomfortable but over in a second. The nurse practitioner checked my ears, throat and listened to my lungs. She was very sure that I had covid. She was not the “everything is covid” type. She told me that she had been positive, and felt the same way I did. She assured me that it wasn’t as bad as the media makes it sound. She rested for two weeks and came back to work. When my test came back negative she was shocked. Told me to treat it like covid, stay home and push fluids. Sent me home with nothing.

My husband was home for the weekend so I tried to rest as best I could while he took care of the boys. I thought I was feeling better, and things were starting to improve.

Monday I woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus all over again. My head was spinning and I was beyond exhausted. I tried yet again to use the virtual urgent care. This time the provider didn’t listen to me at all and told me I needed a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia. I had no shortness of breath, no chest discomfort and my lungs sounded clear just two days prior. Still refused to listen and treat me.

My husband got out of work just a little bit early so that he could take me back to urgent care. We waited over an hour to get into the waiting area. I sat there for another fifteen minutes before being called into a room. The medical assistant was rude and didn’t listen to me either. She finally got that I had been there before, and looked at my chart. She told me there was no X-ray technician on that night. I again tried to say I didn’t have pneumonia. I had no shortness of breath, no chest pain, tightness or discomfort. My biggest issue was my dizziness and cough. She argued with me, and I refused to leave without seeing a provider.

Finally after another thirty minutes, a nurse practitioner came in. She was just as rude as the assistant. Insisted on me leaving and going to get a chest X-ray. I refused and again stated my concerns. Finally she listened to my lungs and said they sounded “coarse”. She said she would prescribe antibiotics and left the room. The assistant returned handed me my papers and left.

I filled the scripts, with some difficulty as they sent them to my Walmart – which the pharmacy was closed. I had to call and ask that they be transferred to a cvs instead so I could get them filled that night.

I took the three meds I was given for six days, finishing one med. Once again I thought I was starting to feel better, and then once again I felt worse. I was so dizzy and weak I could barely walk. This time, my husband took me to the ER – on Mother’s Day.

I walked up to the covid triage and told the woman my symptoms. I had to hold onto her desk to stop from falling down. She sat me outside the ER doors to take my vitals. A few minutes later she walked me into the opposite side of the ER into the pediatric ER. Through two sealed doors into a small waiting area sectioned off with privacy screens.

With ducks, fish and turtles on the floor, I took a seat in a chair and waiting to be checked out. A nurse came just a moment later and took me on the other side of a privacy screen to ask my symptoms again. A doctor arrived at the same time and asked me a few questions. This time someone listened about my dizziness. He said he would give me meds to help with that and something for my cough. He said a chest X-ray would be helpful to make sure lungs were clear. The nurse took me into a small room and hooked me to an ekg machine. They did another covid swab just to be sure. Then I was sat back in the chair in the waiting area. A nurse gave me a cup of water and I waited for xray.

A few moments later a portable X-ray was wheeled over to me and I had my chest X-ray in my chair. A nurse brought me another cup of water and said she wanted to check my heart rate again in a minute. I went back to the other side of the privacy curtain and my heart rate was 114. She told me to just rest for a few minutes and she would check in again. Five minutes later she came back and it was still high. She left to inform the doctor. Another nurse came back a few minutes later and took me into a room. She took blood and hung a bag of fluids for me to try to reduce my heart rate.

Forty five minutes later the doctor came in with all my results. My chest X-ray was clear, covid test was negative and blood work was fine besides my white blood count was off. He told me it could be due to the steroids I had been on. He explained the cough med he was sending me home with and the nurse disconnected my IV. My heart rate was back under 100 after the fluids.

Here I am, today, still feeling tired, weak, and coughing. My dizziness is slightly better when I take a motion sickness med. But still no concrete answers. Viral is all I’ve been told. Wait it out. Drink fluids.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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