We finally got new kitchen countertops last November just before Thanksgiving. It was such a process!! Half the problem was our indecisiveness, and the other was getting things scheduled.

First we wanted corian, then quartz, granite, and then quartz again. We wanted durable, and the more people we got quotes from the more the information changed.

“Corian is good, but granite is the best.”

“Granite is fine, but you need to seal it every 6 months.”

“Oh no, granite comes already sealed, good for 10 years.”

“Quartz has to be sealed every year.”

“Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, and it’s harder than granite.”

We wanted a marbled look. Then we saw a sample with flecks in it that looked amazing, but was black. We found a brown sample with a few flecks.

Then we finally decided on Home Depot as the installer, and had a rep come out to measure. He bought dozens of samples. We changed from a dark granite with specks in it, to a white quartz with a black marbled look.

After months of decisions and quotes, we had come to an agreement on this white quartz. Now we had to deal with installation. They said install would be in 3-4 weeks. A week went by before we had a second measurement. This rep told me I could have the L shaped section of our counters in one piece. He also warned that I would need to call the office several times to make sure things were progressing. Another week before the fabricators came for the final measurements. A day after the final measurements, I got a call saying that there was no way to have the L shape in one piece, and I would have a seam. I had to call numerous times to find out what was happening next. They gave me an office number that no one answered, and I wouldn’t get a call back for hours or sometimes not until next day.

When we got the install date, we planned out when and how we would clear off counters. Then that was rescheduled without a reason. Now install was 2 days before Thanksgiving. No instructions on how to prep besides just clearing off the counters. I had an appointment that morning, but was going to be back in time for the afternoon install. Thankfully my husband was home with the kids, because the installers called saying they were 20 minutes away. I left for my appointment a little upset at the fact I would not be home for the install. I returned an hour later to find the installers finishing up the holes for the new sink. We chose an undermount deep basin sink to replace our top mount double sink. The countertops looked amazing!

One thing I didn’t realize, because I wasn’t home when they started, was that all cuts were made in my kitchen. All the dust and cuts fell into my lower cabinets. All over my utensils, pans, baking items – everything was covered in debris! I was not happy! I also found the next day that they had cracked my lower cabinet under my sink when they lifted the old cabinet off.

So now I was left with a huge mess, a sink not set up (faucet needed to be installed again), and not being able to use my sink for 2 days to let the epoxy cure. Remember this is 2 days before Thanksgiving! I called around for plumbers to install the faucet, because although we had planned on installing ourselves, we were not sure how to handle the lack of disposal now. Thankfully we were able to find one to install the day before Thanksgiving. They assured us that we could use the faucet the next day, just to avoid loading up the sink with anything heavy.

Thanksgiving went as planned, and we just put dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. Anything that didn’t fit, just went on the counter until the next load.

I love my counters! I love the depth of the sink, and I can fit large baking pans and cookie sheets laying down in it! But I am not a fan of the customer service. A rep called me the next week to ask about the install. I told them I was not happy at all that they left a mess and cracked my cabinet. The rep had management call me later that week, which I said the same thing. Of course they apologized, and they sent out someone to check out the cracked cabinet. That was it. I never heard back from them again. Will I use Home Depot for large projects again? Probably not. We have bought appliances there with no issue, but never again with larger projects.

Before! I am not sure if I posted about painting the cabinets. I cleaned them with a degreaser, painted them, and then sealed with a polyurethane.

After! Also noting that we added hardware to the cabinets after painting them.

Next up we are trying to figure out what to do with the backsplash! Stay tuned! 😉

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