Spring Cleaning And Organizing

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It’s just about that time of year! Spring cleaning!

I’m here to help make this time of year a little bit easier! Let’s start in the kitchen. I personally love using Aunt Fannies cleaning supplies. This multi purpose spray is great for wiping down your kitchen surfaces and leaving a fresh clean scent.

This Aunt Fannies floor cleaner works great on all sealed flooring, including hardwood, laminate and tile.

Moving on to the pantry and cabinets, I love a good pinterest worthy organizational system! This set of containers includes a marker to label and measuring spoons! They are stackable if you have the space, or look great in rows on their own.

For us, our brooms are in a hall closet, but I know many have a broom closet in their kitchen or keep brooms in their larger pantries. This helps keeps your mops and brooms off the floor and a bit more organized.

This next organizational tool is multi purpose. As you see in the image its holding can and jar goods for the pantry. We actually use this under our kitchen sink for cleaning supplies. My most used kitchen items like dishwasher pods and disinfecting wipes are on the top, and rags, sponges and brushes are on the bottom.

Let’s move on to the dining space. The same floor cleaner and multi purpose spray can wipe down surfaces here. This area is hard to recommend as it’s all based on your taste and space. Here’s just a few storage ideas for small and large spaces.

Moving on to the living area, there’s lots of different options for storage and organization. This basket is great for storing your spare pillows and throw blankets.

This ottoman is multi purpose as it opens for storage, but it also adds additional seating. It’s also waterproof so it’s easy to clean up kids messes!

This table is great as a bookshelf, decor table or even tv stand. It would even look great as a sofa table!

In the bedrooms, you can store previous seasons clothing on the top of your closet with these bags. Also great for storing spare bedding.

If you don’t have a shelf in your closet, these bags just slide under your bed.

An open nightstand keeps the room feeling light and airy. If you have a smaller space having too many pieces with drawers and doors can make the space feel smaller.

Bathrooms can be very small spaces, which means organization is crucial! For a small space, an over the toilet cabinet is great. I know I said that having open furniture will help a space feel larger – but most people prefer to hide away their extra toilet paper and medicines.

For make up, lotions, soaps, and other items I love these transparent organizers. There’s a rotating round one, or the square stackables. Under sink, I would use the pull out bins I listed under kitchen.

Cleaning a bathroom is never fun, especially if you have little boys like me. My go to cleaners, again, are Aunt Fannie, and I like Method as well.

I can’t leave out Scrubbing Bubbles!

That covers all the main rooms. Now for a more general cleaning let’s get into carpets, windows, and trim. For carpets, an all in one wet/dry vacuum is the easiest solution. You can clean your carpet, hardwoods, laminate and tile with one machine while also picking up life’s everyday messes.

For windows, I again recommend Aunt Fannies.

Along with a long reach pole if you have larger windows like we do. (Or if you are just short like I am haha)

I have said before, I like multi purpose things, so this duster solves the issue for baseboards, window casings, tall shelving, and all other dusting needs. Since its washable, spray it with a multi purpose spray and clean those baseboards. In my personal opinion – if your baseboards need more than light cleaning, then it’s time to freshen with new paint.

I believe that covers most major cleaning and organization. If I missed something, drop it in the comments!

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