Dodge Dodge Ford Dodge…

Confused? Haha! Keep reading!

I have always been a truck girl. My father had a Chevy truck when I was growing up and I helped him customize it. I have owned Fords and Dodges and find there is more cab space in a Dodge.

We drove from New Hampshire to Texas in a F250, and it handled our 32′ camper beautifully. Sadly we traded it for a Dodge Journey when we discovered I was pregnant with our first.

About two years later we bought a new Dodge 1500. That lasted us a few years until my husband decided he no longer wanted a white truck.

We traded in for a newer 2019 1500 in black. Great truck, and fully loaded.

Then my husband got the crazy idea to trade in my lovely Dodge for a Ford. Ok maybe not an entirely crazy idea, but the fact that he didn’t talk it over with me first was the crazy part. The one thing I did like about this specific truck was the Sport Mode – on the highway that was fun!

Not long after that, he regained his senses and we got the Ram 1500 Laramie that we have now. I am happy to say we will be keeping this one for a long time. It’s a beauty! Fully loaded with 12″ touchscreen, a safe in the center console, tow package, and all the nice power options. It handles our new 32′ Mallard camper like a dream.

What is your preference? Dodge or Ford? Or do you prefer another brand? Let me know in the comments what you are driving!

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