Texas Winter 2021

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, the winter months had to kick us down.

If you have been following me for a bit, you know that we came from New Hampshire. So we are no strangers to snow and freezing temps. In the roughly 6 years we have lived in Texas, we have enjoyed the very mild winters. While we do get some chilly temps with lows around the 40’s, it’s not common to have temperatures below freezing.

Valentines weekend began a cold front that just didn’t want to quit! Not just a cold front, but a hard freeze with ice and snow. If you haven’t traveled to the south, we do not have any plows to handle snow. Our homes are not built to withstand days of hard freezes. Our power plants are not equipped to handle freezing rain. Most people, including us, do not have winter coats, gloves or snow boots.

Sunday night started freezing rain which switched over to snow early Monday morning. We got about 2″ of snow, but some places just 45 minutes north of us got a foot of snow.

Roads were iced over. Highways shut down as most are bridges over other roads – which also closed the road below it. Wind turbines froze solid. Power plants were completely frozen over. Over 3 million people were without power in 15 degree temps. Pipes burst. People struggled to stay warm.

People were using generators inside, grills inside and running their cars in garages. This led to several deaths unfortunately, and dozens hospitalized.

Because roads were shut down, there was no way for trucks to come in with supplies. Grocery stores ran out of food. Dozens of stores had to toss most of their perishables due to power loss.

Finally by weeks end temps were starting to rise again. Unfortunately has things started to thaw out, more burst pipes were discovered. Plumbers and contractors were in high demand and hard to find. Neighbors did the best they could to help each other out, locating shut off valves and clamping off burst pipes.

We were very fortunate to not have any major issues. We lost power for one day, and had a minor issue with a frozen water line to the fridge. After a few hours it thawed out and started flowing again. By the time we needed groceries, stores were starting to stock up again. Meats and milk were sparse but everything else was well stocked. We were still able to get what we needed.

If you would like to help out please consider a donation to Texas Relief Warriors. https://txreliefwarriors.org/

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