Half a fence!

Woke up to some hammering one morning and discovered that our neighbor was having part of their fencing replaced. She stopped to chat with us later the next day while we were outside cleaning up the front yard of leaves. The house on the other side of her had sold, and the new owner was replacing the fence without warning. She said she was really impressed by the quality, professionalism and speed by which they completed the fence.

Prior to the holidays my husband and I had talked about getting quotes for replacing the fence. So we were glad when she asked if we wanted to split the cost of our shared fence. They got a quote from the guys who done their fence, and another from a contractor that had worked on her parents fencing. We decided to go with the contractor who had done the work on their other fence. A few days later they started working.

The fence was probably original to the house, and literally falling down. The guys only had to push on the fence and it came down in large sections. The section above, came down all at once with barely any effort at all. By 3pm they were completely finished and cleaned up.

Now we just need to chat with our other neighbor and get the other side replaced. The back fence faces a road so it is our POA’s responsibility to replace. We haven’t had any problems with it (besides the time my husband put a hole in it when the lawn mower kicked up a rock…).

Stay tuned for an update!

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