Biking through the world from home!

I have really enjoyed biking on my Proform Tour De France that I got for christmas. I wanted to really try it out before I gave a review of it here. If you have followed me for a bit, you may remember that I had a treadmill. I really wanted to be able to use it, but I found it just irritated my knee more than it helped. Thinking back to my physical therapy sessions before and after my knee surgeries, I was put on a stationary bike to work the muscles around my knee. So I sold the treadmill and bought this Proform stationary bike.

It came with a 1 year subscription to iFit, an app built into the bike that offers spinning classes, road courses and many off bike exercises. The screen rotates around so you can follow the instructors for yoga, pilates, strength training and even ted talks. The first course I tried was a road course through an Alaskan town showcasing holiday lights. The instructor was dressed in a Santa suit! It made it fun to watch the lights as I biked. I tried to stick to just road course type classes, as the in studio classes just are not as fun. It makes it much more enjoyable to virtually ride through different states and even other countries. The instructors talk about the trails or the area as they ride.

As far as comfort, the seat and handlebars are adjustable. The seat adjusts up and down, as well as forward and back. The pedals have an adjustable strap to keep your foot in place. My only complaint was the seat cushion, but I haven’t really found a bike seat that is incredibly comfortable. I just bought a bike cushion off amazon to help. The incline and resistance changes automatically with the class, so all you need to do is focus on pedaling.

Overall I have been very happy with it. It’s a smooth enjoyable ride, and the instructors make the classes fun.

Do you bike or have your own home gym? Share in the comments what you are using!

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