New Year’s Resolutions!

If you are like most people, one of your goals for the new year is to be healthier! I started this goal two years ago, and I keep working towards it. I started with a treadmill, then added a weight bench, and now I have a stationary bike. The bike is much easier on my knee, and since my boys are just learning how to ride their own bikes, they love sitting and watching me pedal.

So if you are looking for ways to get in shape and be healthier this year, here are a few things you can use! (Fine print – I am an amazon affiliate so I may earn a small commission at no cost to you, should you click the links and purchase)

Let’s start easy with just basic weights. You can use basic lightweights when walking around your neighborhood, or at home to tone your arms, chest and back. If you are not looking to add an entire weight rack to your home just yet, start out with these single weights –

Another easy place to start, or if you just want to tone your body, a yoga mat is a great addition to your home. I have had a few yoga mats, and I hated them. They were super thin so I didn’t see any difference between working out on mat vs my floor. This mat is 1/2″ thick, comes with a carry strap and warranty!

Before we get into more equipment I want to add a tracker in here. Fitbit is great at tracking steps, activity and your heart rate. Currently they are also giving a 1 year trial to the app to better track your activity, get advise, and learn new exercises.

Starting small with equipment is an ab roller. Targeting your core can help with many things including back pain! Of course I am not a doctor, but in my physical therapy for a herniated disk, working my core was the main objective. Any pregnant woman can also tell you that added weight in the stomach is definitely felt in the back. I had a lot of extra fluid with my first son, so my belly was huge (I was asked if I was carrying multiples), and my back was always sore with from the added weight.

Another smaller purchase to tone is a Pilates bar. Easy to use and customize to your needs.

Alright let’s get into larger equipment! Treadmills! Very popular and easy to use. Typically the first purchase for a home gym. Walk, jog or run at your convenience no matter the weather outside.

Next up is a stationary bike. I love biking! It is a personal choice between an upright or a recumbent. I have an upright as I wanted a full body workout but there are combo bikes out there now that offer the recumbent seat but the option to be able to stand as well. This upright comes with a one year subscription to their app to access more trails and courses. I find much more fun and realistic to follow a trainer through actual trails and road courses. Just after Christmas I followed my trainer through a trail in Alaska looking at holiday lights! My trainer dressed as Santa made the ride a lot of fun.

A recumbent if you prefer that –

A home gym is another popular equipment purchase. I absolutely love mine. I purchased a Marcy Home Gym and it’s amazing! Smooth, easy to use and has exercises right on the back for novices to choose what they would like to do – and how to properly do it. Currently the one I love (and other versions) are sold out. I highly recommend watching for it to return. I was going to also link a similar home gym, but really nothing else compares to this (or has such high reviews).

Marcy –

That is all for now! I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year!

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