Surprising Foundation Review

A few weeks ago I completely ran out of my Benefit Hello Happy foundation. We were not going near our local Ulta and shipping would not have arrived by the next weekend. We were going to Walmart though, so I browsed the “drug store” foundations and found one from Wet N Wild. I have seen a few reviews on it, and most people liked it for a cheap foundation.

So I did my usual routine with this in place of my Benefit foundation. Here is what I used along with the shades.

For a $5 foundation its not bad. Its sheer to medium coverage, and builds up nicely on spots I needed just a little more coverage. First day I wore it alone to check that I had the right shade, and it was a perfect match. Next day that I wore it, I did a full face of the above products.

While it gives a beautiful flawless finish it is not long lasting. It’s great if you want coverage for a few hours to run errands or go to appointments. But if you want it to last all day, maybe the matte version would last longer or a different foundation all together.

I have combo skin. I have a few dry spots around my nose, and middle forehead. I also get slightly oily on my t-zone. The foundation just separated and broke down on my forehead, nose, and started pilling on my chin. Even with the Tarte setting spray, it just doesn’t last more than 4 hours on me.

Overall I am pretty happy with it. As I work at home, I am not out and about too much or for too long. So it works in a pinch.

If you have a favorite foundation, concealer or other makeup product, please let me know! I’d love to test them out!

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