Kitchen Ceiling

You ever just hate something about your house? From day one that you bought your house, you just hated one thing?

For me that was the kitchen ceiling. It had the raised boxed fluorescent lights. Ugly and very out dated.

So we finally decided to replace the old outdated lights with new recessed lights! While I do love our electrician I just was not impressed with the drywaller he brought with him to close up the holes in the ceiling. We replaced the two large lights, and took down the 3 light chandelier by the window and installed 6 pod lights. The drywaller did not fill in the holes, so that when I painted the ceiling, it felt like I was about to push through the ceiling. There wasn’t any support behind the drywall to prevent warping.

Yea, I don’t have an updated totally finished photo – reason being is its not 100% finished. We have to do another coat of paint on the ceiling. This last photo was taken immediately after I finished painting the sections. It is definitely not this noticeable now. We went over it again to blend it more, but it needs one last coat to finish the entire ceiling. Of course since our kitchen is now white, we now need to update the paint on the rest of the ceilings in the house! 😂

As far as the space where the lights used to be, it’s not horrible and looking at it now, you can’t tell there were ugly lights there at all. Just don’t go pushing on the ceiling and all is fine! 😂

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