Garage and Office Updates

Just a quick post about two minor updates we did. Y’all just one more post and I have finally caught up with our renovations!

The garage is still a work in progress. We haven’t done much of anything in there, as we are trying to complete the interior before working on the garage. But we always hated the shelving that the previous owners had in there. It was basically scrap wood thrown together very roughly to create benches and shelves. I do not have a before photo – but imagine the plywood and scraps that you see going over the tool chest made into a tall shelving unit. It just looked bulky and ugly. There is still a bench on the other side of the tool chest that we have kept so far. We just toss our landscaping items on there.

In my office I wanted a little space for the kids to read and color, so I took a corner wall and painted it with chalkboard paint. Since this photo was taken, I replaced the two smaller bookshelves with one large bookshelf. I have the boys books on the lower shelves, and the top shelf I have a few decor items of mine.

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