Closing accounts

I have found it hard to go through my dads accounts after his passing. It’s exhausting. You wouldn’t think that just calling a few numbers, informing of a death, and closing an account would be draining. Having to repeat over and over, “He passed away”, is emotionally exhausting. People make it exhausting.

The hardest calls are the ones that take even more effort. The calls where there’s no sensitivity. Most of the time, I hear “Sorry for your loss”, and that makes you feel a bit more like a human. But on the calls where they just ask for money, “Is there an estate to pay the balance?” “Is there another insurance to pay the remaining balance?” it just hurts more. I just told you my father passed, and you can’t be bothered to be a human for one second? You really have to treat him like just a number in your system? This is part of the problem of the health care system – but that is definitely a post for another day.

Another thing that has me dragging my feet getting these closed is the run around I get with some accounts. AT&T is the worst. I have been trying to close his cell phone account for weeks. I called the number on his bill, and was told that I had to bring his death certificate into the store to close the account. I went into the store, and I was told it wasn’t enough. I needed the pin to his account, and his account was set up to text his phone the pin. The phone was at home, so got the store number to call when I got home to see the text. No text. Called the store and was told I could bring his drivers license in to be scanned to gain access to his account. Went back to the store with his phone, license, death certificate, and bill to cover all the bases. Still no. Have to go to a corporate store, not a retail store, and fax the death certificate to the corporate office. I do not understand how I can get so many different answers to one question and still none of them solve the issue. Worse yet, the store employees just don’t care. The last visit to the store, I was passed on from person to person to person cause my issue wasn’t going to bring a sale of any kind. No one wanted to handle it.

I will add this small piece of advice for everyone. Please add an authorized user to your accounts. Make sure you have someone listed with your doctors, bank accounts, credit accounts, and cell phones! If you can’t add someone who can access the account should anything happen to you, please write down your pins and passwords! Put it in your wallet, on your phone, in the safe in the closet…. Just find some way to make things easier for your family.

I still have several more accounts to contact and close down, and there’s still AT&T to deal with.

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