Sept 6 was my 1 year anniversary with Color Street, or my “Colorversary”!

It’s just nails right? Just signing up to support my addiction. It’s fun. It will keep me busy.

A year ago I would never have believed that I would be Director with a team of 20 amazing ladies! I would have never believed that my little nail side hustle would be paying for renovations, breakfasts out every weekend, and so many other things to spoil myself and kiddos. I wouldn’t have believed from past experience that I would create lasting friendships and a community of amazing people.

I have loved every moment of this journey and so glad to have found a company that actually cares. A company that recognizes the large achievements with the small, and makes sure everyone is seen as a person and not just a number. A company that has proven time and time again that community matters with a foundation that not only donates to great organizations but also gives back to local communities and businesses. I know direct sales gets a bad rap, but this company is so different from others that I have been in.

I am so excited to see what the next year brings! Thank y’all for supporting my small business. Whether that was sharing my group with your friends, referring people to me, liking and commenting on my posts, or buying from me I appreciate it more than you know!

Of course if you still haven’t tried Color Street, please contact me for a free sample!

FB & IG – NailObsessedMumma

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