More Electrical Work

I know. More electrical?? Did you buy a dud house? Haha! It’s all good things this time!

We updated and added light fixtures!

This is our dining area. Before this was a tiny little pod light in the ceiling. It was awful and barely gave any light to the area. This chandelier is gorgeous and fills the room with light!

In the play area there was no light at all! Being a large area we decided to go for a ceiling fan with light. So now in the midst of August summer in Texas, the boys are cool while they play together.

A before and after of our front entry light. Sorry for the poor photo quality. It may look like the new chandelier is pushed out further from the door, but it only took the place of the old light.

We also started replacing fixtures outside as well. Replacing the rear flood motion light that was barely working, and also replacing the light outside the garage door.

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