Doors, doors and doors!

The first thing I said when we bought our house was that I wanted to change out the front door for a Lone Star door. That is a door with the Texas Lone Star on it. Finally a year later I got it! We searched around for a while, looking for the perfect door – or close enough to it! I had to take into consideration how clear the window portion was. As I get a few packages a week for my Color Street business, and for family/household items I needed to be able to see the ground in front of the door. Of course privacy is important, we didn’t want everyone able to look inside, so it needed to have privacy glass as well. Finally I found one! And I love it!

We also replaced the screen door, but that was a task on its own. There were no issues choosing a screen door, as I just wanted a full glass door. The difficulty was in installation. The handles were in the same spot as the front door. This meant the screen door would not close without building out the door frame. Eventually it was on, and I love it! Its not without flaws, as there is a small gap around the door, but I will address that later.

Screen door on! The top half is slid down in this photo to show the screen at the top. When pulled up the screen hides inside the top of the door, and the door is solid glass.

The back door we actually replaced last year but just got around to painting recently. We matched it to the front door. The back door also had its own challenges. We tried to remove it ourselves but couldn’t remove the bolts in the cement. The threshold was also smaller than the old one, and this left a gap between the threshold and the kitchen tile. We tried filling with expanding foam, and that was a mess. Filled it for a while though. Then we removed it and filled with tile grout.

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