A few more updates and a lawnmower?

Soon after installing a new water heater in the attic, summer heat hit Texas. The person that installed the water heater didn’t mention anything about having a fan in the attic to help with the summer heat. I never lived in a home with a water heater in the attic before. I didn’t know that when it gets too hot, the heat will snuff out the pilot light. So we were told to leave our attic access open slightly during the hottest months.

Fast forward to fall and we had our electrician working on some lights, and when I mentioned to leave the attic access open slightly when he finished, he asked why. I explained about the water heater, and he suggested an attic fan. A few months later he and a roofer installed our new attic fan.

Sorry y’all, I don’t have a photo as I do not go in the attic. I don’t know why – I have always had a thing against basements and attics. Creepy and full of large machines and tanks (water heaters, ac’s and furnaces). Irrational fear? Of course. But I still avoid them.

While we are talking about attics – we recently replaced the attic access. It was not a huge improvement quality wise as we used the access stairs that we took down from the access inside. Apparently the house was built with an access in the hallway. Somewhere along the way, one of the previous owners decided to tape up that access and cut a new access in the garage. Attic access in the garage is much easier, and we decided to just take out the interior access.

Another minor update we did, that I also do not have photos for – and really wouldn’t be an interesting photo – is caulking around windows and gaps outside. It was just a minor thing listed on our home inspection report. We filled in gaps around pipes and wires that entered the house, and around all the windows. We also filled in a few gaps around plumbing under sinks inside as well.

And as we talk about outside, I’ll add that we got a new lawnmower. Figured we would save on the landscaping bills and go back to doing it ourselves. So we got a riding mower with a trailer so we can haul the boys around and gardening equipment.

Stay tuned! Almost caught up with the improvements and renovations we have done!

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