Kitchen Reno – Sponge Drawer

Just a super quick post as I am trying to get caught up on all the renovations we have done to the house. One small thing I forgot to post was adding a sponge drawer in the kitchen below the sink.

When we bought the house, on closing day we went to do a final walk through and the front faux piece in front of the sink was broken. It was something we knew about. In our closing day photo, you see my oldest holding the piece in his hand.

Instead of just securing it back on, I decided to make it into a sponge drawer. That’s a drawer that tilts out, with just enough space to keep a sponge or kitchen cloth. It was a simple kit that I purchased at either Home Depot or Lowes, and it took me maybe 30 minutes to do. Worst part was just lining things up to look even and make sure the hinges closed the drawer properly. (Really the hardest part was making sure a toddler and crawling baby were not getting into anything else while I was installing this 😂)

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