MIA – death in family

I was starting back on this blog and getting my posts caught up… and then I got a call. My dad passed away.

My family and I had to travel 2000 miles across country to make his arrangements and clean out his home. Three days of driving, 2 days of cleaning and making arrangements, and then 3 days driving home.

I still have many more arrangements and things to finalize. Trying to tackle a couple things a day (or every other day).

In going through his things, I did discover many pictures and documents from his side of the family – some dating back to the 1880’s! It’s been really interesting! I never knew he had this information! So I have been working on Ancestry and building my family tree. I worked on our tree many years ago and just got too busy. With all this new information, I am very curious to see what else I can find.

Do you use Ancestry or another app/website to build your family tree? What sites do you use to gather information? Have you found anything interesting about your family?

Dad at 10 months old. Dad in the Air Force (roughly 1958). Dad and I when I was about 2-3 years old. Bottom two are the last photos I have, taken in 2013 (I left for TX in 2015).

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