In an attempt to keep my kids from climbing on my desk, and try to get a bit more work done, I moved my desk into a spare room. I still share with the kiddos as their bookcases are in the room. I made half the room into their homeschooling area.

This was after I put the desk in the room. The rocking chair left soon after.

I like being able to shut off my work space from the rest of the house. Definitely a plus to get my desk out of the living room!! The layout of our home allows me to sit at my desk now and see the kids playing in their play area. The kids like coming in and reading a book while I am working. I also painted one corner wall with chalkboard paint for them to draw.

I needed a little more storage space, so I got this great cart on wheels.

I am still working on storage solutions for the room. Both for the kids homeschooling books and supplies and for my work related things. But so far everything is working out. The kids especially love the chalkboard wall.

Even my girl Lucy loves to lounge in my office with the boys.

I love the large window behind me, lets in so much sunlight. It’s great to let in fresh air when the weather permits. I am looking for a large mirror to hang on the opposite wall to reflect the light and make the room feel even brighter.

Do you have a home office? What does it look like?

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