I hope everyone, no matter where you live, is stay safe and healthy. As a work at home mom, I am glad that most of our time is spent inside where I can keep my toddlers safe. I am saddened that we lose our weekly breakfast out, and I absolutely hate people losing their jobs.

Although some things may not affect you, they are affecting others. We all have to make sacrifices right now to get through this. That means staying inside unless you absolutely have to go out. Your chances of contracting covd 19 is very small, but will increase if people are not smart about it. Although it is less deadly than the seasonal flu which has resulted in 45 million illnesses and roughly 61,000 deaths during the ’17-’18 flu season (, we obviously do not need to make it more deadly. We want to slow the transmission of this virus, slow the spread and keep everyone healthy and safe.

This virus is mutating quickly, which is what is alarming to the scientist and governments. “When we find cases of COVID-19 that aren’t part of a known transmission chain, these patients must have picked up COVID from somewhere. So, we have to assume there are invisible chains of transmission that could include lots and lots of missed cases. Basically, it tells us that our attempts to contain the virus have failed and, especially with COVID-19, it can be really difficult to find these invisible cases and stop the spread. Epidemiologists believe that each community-based case represents a bunch of other invisible cases and, often, this spurs widespread testing of everyone who has cough or cold symptoms in the area. This usually leads to finding a lot more cases in the subsequent weeks.”(

“We shouldn’t be staying at home or distancing because we’re scared. The individual risk to any one of us is low. However, we should be distancing because we need to protect those of us who are at a higher risk. The speed at which this disease spreads throughout our community makes a big difference in terms of how many people are sick at the same time. If many people are sick at once, this could easily overwhelm our hospital system, and we may not have enough beds for all the patients that need care.” (

“According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can live in the air and on surfaces between several hours and several days. The study found that the virus is viable for up to 72 hours on plastics, 48 hours on stainless steel, 24 hours on cardboard, and 4 hours on copper. It is also detectable in the air for three hours.” (

Check here for the latest information

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay away from each other! 😉

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