Be Serious

When covid 19 first hit the news, I was apart of the non believers. I thought China was blowing things out of proportion and making things seem worse than they were. It was just like the flu after all. Right?

Even as cases started to appear here in the US, and the first few deaths were recorded, I still did not take it seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I was not a part of the “Do you even know anyone who is sick?” crowd, I knew there was an actual virus going around. I just compared it to the flu, and how many people die each year from flu.

Then businesses started closing. Crowds were reduced to less than 250 people, then 50 people, and now 10 people. States mandated Stay At Home orders. I started taking it a little more seriously. I read up on personal accounts with the virus, and nurses experiences in the hospitals. I read reports and statements from doctors and surgeons. I wasn’t reading opinions, I was reading facts straight from the people dealing with the virus directly.

Last week my husband called me from work. Not unusual, he frequently facetimes to see the kids. This time was just a regular call, no video chat. He said that his co worker who sits next to him was out sick and two of her family members in her home had tested positive for covid 19.

My first reaction? I was pissed. How dare this person put my family at risk knowing their family was sick. How dare someone not take precautions and risk other people’s lives. My husbands company has many elderly customers who come in regularly. This person not only put their co workers at risk, but every single person who walked in their doors. How could someone be that careless and selfish?

I then kicked into cleaning mode and grabbed the best cleaners I had on hand with a container of disinfecting wipes, and cleaned my entire house. I wiped every surface my husband had touched, and everything else as well just in case.

We all have no symptoms so far, and the last contact with his co worker was two weeks ago.

Many people are not taking this seriously as it has not affected their family. The point of the stay at home orders, the businesses closing, and people who have traveled being quarantined to make sure it does not affect your family.

Please do not wait until someone you care about is sick. Please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

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