A little history…

Fa Park, Color Street Founder/CEO, had a dream when he came to this country in the 1980’s. That dream was to be an opera singer. While sitting on the bus in traffic on the way to class, he saw a woman painting her nails in the back of a cab. As she struggled to get her nails painted, he thought there had to be a better way for women to have great nails.

He then went to local nail polish manufacturers and brought home 5 gallon pails of polish to practice with. He painted on a piece of paper, and used a hair dryer to dry them down.

He taught himself nail polish chemistry, engineering and metal fabrication to create and build his own machine to create polish strips.

As he got closer to success, many companies tried to buy his technology including Revlon and L’Oreal. He did partner with companies like Avon, OPI, Sally Hansen and Sephora to create private labels. In 2007 Incoco was born.

Fa Park stated – “When I worked with mass-market retailers, I could only change designs once a year. We had so many new products developed but didn’t have the opportunity to introduce those to our customers through mass market retailers. So, we said, ‘Let’s manage our own destiny.’”

And in 2017 Color Street was born with just 1,400 stylists!

Today we are at roughly 67,000 stylists and growing every day!

Have you tried any of these other products our founder created before Color Street?

This is fellow Stylist Kathy Jackson Linabery’s photo, showing a few of the products.

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