Pulled Muscle…

In my neck!!

Yes I pulled a muscle in my neck sunday morning.

Typically my 4 year old will get up around 1am and come get me. I will walk him back to his room and lay down with him. If I go back to bed, he will just wake up and come get me again. I stay the rest of the night with him. I have enough issues with sleeping and I don’t mind the extra cuddles.

Sunday morning around 4am I woke up flat on my back, staring at the ceiling, with stabbing pain on the left side of my neck. Took almost half an hour to get up, and walk into my bathroom for some ibuprofen and CBD rub. I did not go back to sleep.

My husband was nice enough (after repeatedly saying there was no way in hell I was getting dressed or riding in the van) to take the kids to run our weekend errands. I slowly worked on our taxes as that didn’t require much movement, and rubbed more CBD on about 10 more times throughout the day.

Honestly think the CBD did much more than the ibuprofen did. Here it is Tuesday, and although it is still sore, I have a much larger range of motion. I know it will be a few more days until I have full range of motion and a week or two until it is fully healed. I am just moving slowly, and trying to stretch out my neck muscles gently.

If you ever pull a muscle – anywhere – do not become a stiff statue! That is the worst thing possible! You must move slowly but constantly to work out the muscle!

I really have no idea what I did to hurt my neck but I seriously hope I never do it again.

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