Relief with CBD?

I am not a medical professional, please do your own research and consult your doctor before using any new medications or supplements.

CBD is the newest big thing in anxiety and pain relief. It is seen everywhere, and stores are popping up in all locations. We have seen them at our local Sunday Market, in the mall, and there is even a store just a few minutes away. Several influencers promote using CBD to help with their chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

With PTSD and anxiety myself, and my husband has anxiety, I have been looking into CBD for a while. While at the mall last week, we happened to see that a new CBD store had opened there. We stopped by and talked with the sales woman. We explained what we were looking for in terms of relief, and that we were interested in a starting point to see if it would work for us.

A week of using capsules and a pain relief balm, and we can see a small difference. My husband finds he is a bit calmer and less anxious. I find that I sleep a little better at night. The balm takes the edge off my knee pain but I think I need a different dosage or perhaps a cream instead of balm. It doesn’t have the effect I am looking for. I know nothing will take away the pain entirely, but ibuprofen does more for the pain than the balm did. I did have a sample of their Deep Relief cream, which did have a much better result.

We want to stop by the store that is a few minutes from us to check out their products. Its a local shop that is known to work with Veterans, and although I don’t have any issue with the products we got from the mall, I always prefer to shop local when I can.

Have you tried or do you currently use CBD products? What do you use? How is it working for you?

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