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I have found some amazing products that work wonders for *my* skin. I emphasize my as everyones skin is different. What works for me may not work for you. Always test new skin care products on a small area of skin to test for allergies.

I have very sensitive combo skin. I find that my nose and forehead can get a bit oily, but my cheeks can sometimes get dry patches. I use two different primers for this reason.

I use various face wipes, facial cleansers and scrubs. At the moment I don’t have a favorite. I am still on the search for a fantastic cleanser. I do love these Detox pads. I don’t know if they are a favorite, but they do leave my skin feeling fresh. I use them after I have cleansed my face.

Check it out here –

This rose oil, though, is amazing! Leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth. Feeling very moisturized and fresh looking. It is a bit pricey, but when you only need a couple drops (a tiny amount goes a really long way! 2-3 drops max!) it lasts a long time! Worth it to me!

Check it out here –

For primers, as I said I use two different ones. One blurs the pores and one hydrates. I like them both and feel like they do a great job at prepping my skin for foundation.

When I want a little more glow I use this illuminating glow primer. I only use it where I want a little more shine. It gives a little glow from within, but I do not see any “primer” qualities.

Foundation. I have gone through a few foundations, and I think I really like this one. It does not cake, or separate on me. It blends nicely and I can still see my skin under it. I am not a full coverage type person, I like lightweight and sheer to medium coverage. This is easily buildable if I need a bit more coverage on an area.

I just got a new concealer, and now I am not sure which I like more. I have been using Benefit for a while and really like it as it brightens my under eye, which is great after a night of not sleeping due to kids. On the flip side, and this is probably due to it being just a bit too light for me, if I use a touch too much its extremely bright for my face. I was sent this other concealer in my BoxyCharm this month, and it matches my skin tone. So while it doesn’t brighten, due to the shade, it still covers and blends to give a fresh, slept well look.

Setting powder I didn’t really use until a few months ago. I used a powder foundation, and it did not really do what I wanted in terms of setting my under eye without disturbing or changing my concealer. Then I found Anastasia translucent powder, and I love it! Sorry its a bit messy, but its well loved!

My contour palette I actually chose for the highlight, but I have really enjoyed the rest of the colors. I have a Tarte palette as well, but I enjoy this one more. I do use the blush in the Tarte though.

Eyeshadow I am not that picky with as long as its pigmented and blendable. Most decent palettes are, so I have quite a few. Here are the three I use the most.

I’ll admit I’m just jumping on the winged liner trend, but not new to eye liner in general. This is absolute favorite liner and makes creating a wing a breeze!

Brows I don’t do often – I know thats a huge trend to have fully done brows but it’s just not me. I do have a brow pencil I like for the occasional touch up.

Anastasia –

Lipstick and lip gloss I am picky with. I hate sticky lipsticks. I want my lips to feel natural and smooth. I start off with chapstick of course. I have not found a truly long lasting lip stick, so I’ll pop whatever I apply in the morning into my pocket or purse to reapply again later in the day.

I don’t have a favorite setting spray, I’m still trying to find the perfect one for me. I do use this with and without makeup. It works great at refreshing the skin. As far as setting qualities, it lacks, but it is what I have at the moment. I do love to use it right after I wash my face. Its very cooling and feels refreshing!

That’s it! My go to products at least! Let me know what your favorite products are!

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