New Kitchen Faucet

We were having a few issues with the hot water in the bathrooms. It would be really hot one day, and lukewarm the next.

I contacted the plumber that installed our water heater. He stated that we might need to replace valves to see which is causing the issue. My husband wasn’t really sure that was the issue as the quote to replace a kitchen sink valve which would involve replacing the kitchen faucet, seal the guest bathroom toilet, and check out pipes in the attic for corrosion was almost $1000.

We planned on replacing the kitchen faucet and sink when we did the countertops. So we just replaced the faucet ourselves. The valves on the sink did look like they needed to be replaced as they were probably original to the house. But replacing the faucet did not help the water temperature issue like the plumber suggested.

So I contacted another plumber in the neighborhood who came over to give a second opinion. For nothing, he adjusted the temperature on the water heater, increased the pressure at the street valve, and adjusted the temperature valves on all the faucets. Within a few hours we had consistent hot water.

A few days later he returned and replaced the valves on the sink as well.

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