Mom and Kid Approved Gear

WAHM gear posts were well liked so I will try to make reviews a regular thing. You can see those reviews here and here.

Mom Approved

This is great at storing all your makeup and bathroom items. I have these two different versions for all my makeup and facial masks. They keep things organized and off my counter. You can stack them together, but I have them side by side to use the flat top to hold other bottles that don’t fit in the drawers. They fit perfectly on my counter between our double sinks.

This is one of the best garage/shop vacs I have had! It wall mounts to save space, has all the tools you need to clean up messes and clean the vehicles! There are larger and smaller versions available, but the 5 gallon is a perfect medium size to handle most families needs.

These Harper and Ari sugar cubes are AMAZING! Even my husband loves them for his dry skin and eczema. Leaves your skin so soft and smooth, and the smell is just amazing!

Kid Approved

This is awesome! We were looking for something to keep all the stuffed animals off the floor and off the top of our Ikea storage bins (Trofast). I first looked at nets, but did not want them in the play area, but also did not want to have two different nets for each room. Then came across these. Like a bean bag, but you stuff them with toys! I put the larger fluffier toys around the outside, and the smaller ones in the center, so when you sit on it, its softer.

We love Munchkin products, as I have never had any issues with them. My almost 4 year old still does not like drinking from a regular cup. He doesn’t understand fully how to tilt the cup and his head back to take a sip, and taking after his dad he also doesn’t like to be messy – so after spilling some on him he prefers things with lids. These munchkin toddler cups are great. They are square bottomed so a bit harder to tip over, and the small hole in the lid helps to reduce spills when drinking. For my 1 year old, he loves the 360 cups. Very easy to use and hardly any leaks. I have not found anything that is 100% leak proof, but this comes very close. When tipped upside down for a short time, there is no leaks, sideways, no leaks…but if upside down for longer it can start to leak if it’s full. It can also leak a small amount when dropped. The force pushes on the rubber lid causing a small amount to leak out. Not a huge deal.

Little People! Mom and kid approved! Both my boys love playing with the people and cars. They are good quality and perfect for little hands.

Boy mom approved!!

This first started as a joke because I’m in a house of boys who seem to not be able to find where pee goes…. But this is actually great! For the middle of the night bathroom trips, for the boy who is afraid of the dark but needs to use the potty before bed, and even for the mumma who needs to go in the dark. It’s reduced the mess and frustration. Easy to use, comes on automatically when you walk in the bathroom, and even makes using the potty fun as the light changes color.

Thanks for joining me in this round of reviews. Stay tuned for more!

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