Knee Pain

I have been dealing with knee pain for years. I moved a box with my foot and everything went downhill from there. That was about 2008 or 2009.

I got the run around for years with different doctors. Images never showed anything so doctors all thought it was just muscular. I went through several sessions of physical therapy that never worked.

Finally found demanded a surgical consult and got answers. Images still didn’t show anything, but the surgeon was willing to take a look inside. Surgery was planned July 2012, and found I had a torn meniscus. It was pretty bad but did not show on basic imaging. After surgery I went back to PT. It helped for a bit, but I found myself back in surgery July 2013 with another tear, a lateral release and cauterization of a nerve. My kneecap was not staying center despite PT and taping, so they thought a lateral release would give my kneecap . A specific spot just under my kneecap cause sharp pain, so a nerve was cauterized to stop the pain.

That was the last of my surgeries but not the last of my issues. My knee acts up every now and then especially if I overdo it. Driving for too long, walking too long, or being stupid and pushing heavy objects with my foot will all aggravate it. Pain can last from hours to days depending on how stupid I was. Although every once in a while it will hurt for just no reason. I imagine that more of my meniscus has torn and I am probably due for surgery in another year or so.

Currently it is acting up after my dogs tags on her collar smashed into the underside of my kneecap. I have it wrapped as usual and icing periodically.

It is times like this that I appreciate being a stay at home mom, and able to work my business from my couch.

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