Giving Season

Every so often I go through our things, mostly the kids things, and look for stuff not used or wanted anymore. Some things I sell, and many things I give away. As we are renovating our home we also give away the things we are replacing. I hate to see things that still work, and can be used tossed in the trash. I’d rather give it away to someone who can continue to use it.

I had a few things to give away, posted them on Facebook and neighborhood pages. If you have ever given anything away online, you know you get a ridiculous amount of responses.

I don’t mind people who want to snag items for free, but I do mind the people that can buy them on their own asking me for free things.

Case in point, I made a collage of items I was giving away, and listed them all in the post. One woman responded, and I asked which she needed. Her response first was “Whatever you have.” I asked again, “Which do you NEED?” Then her response was “I couldn’t see the pictures, I’ll take whatever you have.” I said “You couldn’t see what I am offering but you NEED?” She responded “No I thank god I dont need.”

If you are able to pay for things yourself, able to pay your bills, and have everything you need – Please! Please! Don’t take from those that actually need!

Getting items for a bargain is great no matter your income level, but please don’t take free items that someone with less than you could use.

If you have all you NEED, please consider giving to those who don’t.

Happy Holidays y’all!

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