Tools for healthy nails

Healthy nails with a beautiful manicure make any woman feel confident. Here are a few tips, tricks and tools I use to help my nails stay healthy.

First make sure to moisturize your hands. You can use just about any moisturizer for this. Here are a few of my favorites. They work well without leaving my hands feeling greasy. I also do not have to reapply a million times a day either, as I do not have time for that. (If you wash your hands dozens of times a day I would recommend reapplying every few washes)

To remove my manicure I use a good strong polish remover that does not dry out my nails. This is my all time favorite remover! Takes glitters off in seconds!

Next when I am changing my manicures I make sure my cuticles are pushed back and trimmed. A good quality cuticle pusher is essential. Be gentle as you do not want to gouge your nails. Just use a light pressure to push back cuticles. Use cuticle trimmers to cut away dead skin and trim away excess cuticle.

After my manicure, I make sure to rehydrate my skin and cuticles with a good cuticle oil.

Of course, for beautiful nails with no dry time, I use Color Street 100% nail polish strips. Easy to apply and easy to remove with polish remover. Join my VIP customer group, or shop my website!

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