Projects – Pt 1

I have been meaning to share my various projects that I do. I like to create, repair and refinish different pieces.

So let’s start with a pair of bookcases that I found at a yard sale for super cheap.

Growing up my dad owned his own woodworking business that I frequently “worked” at. From about 6 years old until high school I spent a lot of time there. I answered the phone, I greeted customers, and I did a lot of the work on the furniture pieces that came in. Stripping paint, sanding, staining, and even sand blasting some pieces. I actually enjoyed taking old beat up antiques and turning them into beautiful refinished pieces.

So when I found these bookcases I knew I could make them work for me.

So I sanded them down, and patched a few spots with some putty.

Now in hindsight, I should have used a primer or a different paint. But I was using what I had on hand, trying to be thrifty.

I painted it with left over chalkboard paint. Not chalk paint. Chalkboard paint. Yes, I can draw on my bookcases with chalk! 😂

Overall I like how they came out. For super cheap bookcases they came out nice.

Stay tuned…next project was a nail polish shelf I made from scratch for my over 200 nail polishes!

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