When we bought our house in February we knew we needed to do some work to the front and back yards. The front yard was a little bare in spots. Sago palm trees were at the corners of the front of the house with small bushes in between, and small bushes on either side of the garage. The back yard had a few holes from the previous owners dogs. Back deck was in rough shape but operational.

Closing day

We hired a landscaper to mow, edge and trim. I also asked him to use some fill dirt in the back yard to patch up the holes. We have spread grass seed twice now. Once before we learned about aerating and then once more after. The back yard only needed grass seed on the dirt spots. Its fairly thick grass in the back, but has some weeds mixed through. Through the summer we tried to keep it well water, first by hand and then we bought a sprinkler. On one side of the back yard the previous owners had also dumped a lot of bricks and parked a dead lawn mower on top. I dug up the bricks, and had the landscaper fill in that area as well.


The front yard is very densely packed dirt. When it rains, the water just pools up and has a hard time soaking into the ground. When we learned about aerating the lawn, it made sense why watering and seeding the lawn wasn’t working. The ground was too dense for anything to work. So we bought some aerating strap on shoes, which puncture holes into the ground to allow water and seeds to penetrate the ground. We spread seeds again, watered, and grew a little bit of grass. Then we had a tropical storm which flooded our front yard. It flattened all our new grass and washed away the rest of the seeds. #ad

I hated the look of the sago palm trees, so I offered them up for free. A man came, dug them up and hauled them off. Stated he and his wife was lining their driveway with them. Good for you! Thanks for getting them out of my yard! It took us a few months to purchase new plants, but we eventually bought a few mums and other flowers. We just wanted to add some color to front. We also added red mulch around our large oak trees.

Red Mulch just before the sago palm trees were pulled out.
Flowers planted – photo taken before watering 😆

We also bought two fruit trees, apple and orange. Planted them in the back yard at the corners of the deck. Unfortunately the orange tree did not survive the hot summer. We will find a replacement come spring.

Our trees just before we planted them.

I also built a 4′ x 8′ raised garden bed. Came out pretty good, but I wish I had staked the corners into the ground to make it a bit more stable. In all the rain and heat the boards have warped a bit. Granted I did not purchase the best quality wood either. So I may end up replacing a few boards in the spring. I wanted a fall garden, but with a few nights of freezing temperatures already it was not in the cards this year. I may even tear down the top half, and use those boards to extend the garden longer. I did not need it quite as tall as I made it.

4’x8′ raised garden bed

Stay tuned for more landscaping projects!

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