Hair Color Changes

The last time my hair was natural colored was senior year in high school. My natural hair color is very dark brown with highlights of reds and blondes. It was really beautiful in the summer.

Right before our senior class trip, my friends bleached and dyed my hair blue! I loved it at the time! Looking back, it was a horrible job. They did no completely bleach my hair, so mainly just the top layers of my hair dyed blue. At the time I didn’t care because it was the first time I had done anything crazy to my hair.

After that I chopped all my hair off and dyed it fire engine red before heading off to college. And then it was purple, and I may have tried blue again. Back then I was using Manic Panic from Sally Beauty Supply, and being temporary it faded out to different colors. Purple faded to a silver, blue faded to a teal, and red to orange.

When I left college, I went to regular hair dye but stuck with shades of red. The only time I put other colors into my hair was with hair chalk or other wash out colors.

This year I decided I was going to do a bit more for me in terms of self care. This mumma needed a little time at the salon to relax. I found a great salon just a few minutes away, and tested it out with a few hair cuts first. Then I dove right in and colored my hair! I did a version of an oil slick. Purple, blue and pink with my regular reddish brown roots. It took 9 hours to do, but I loved it!

I had the color refreshed about three or four months later. It was a much faster process as this time no bleaching was required.

The refresh was done on July 4th lol

A few months later I really needed a change and needed to take more weight off my hair. Since my hair is so thick, when its long it is incredibly heavy. Putting it up in any way gives me a headache. With two littles in the summer I couldn’t keep it down. The solution – cut it off!

And now we come to the present time. Wanting to change up my colors. My stylist wasn’t sure how effectively she could lighten my hair again with the colors, so we just went for it to see what would come out. Turns out the purple and pink didn’t want to lift. My original plans was purple roots and silver tips. That had to change to silver roots and purple tips.

Silver roots and purple tips

So far I am liking it, but coming up with plan b as I am not sure how it will look once my roots grow out a bit. Perhaps I will darken the silver to a cool grey to hide it a bit more.

Do y’all color your hair? What colors have you done?


Few weeks later and the purple was fading fast, and the silver was turning blonde. So I decided to dye it myself, and took a trip to Sally Beauty.

Loving the color! It was very easy, premixed in the bottle, just brush on, let it sit and rinse out. Smelled great too! Not the usual harsh smell that typically accompanies hair dye.

What are your thoughts?

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