Dishwasher goes…

Our plans of replacing the appliances during Black Friday sales has gone out the window as each appliance breaks down and needs to be replaced. The fridge, then the stove, and now the dishwasher.

Ok so the fridge didn’t really break down, but it was shooting ice at me and flooding my kitchen when trying to get water. The stove could not keep the correct temperature in the oven.

The dishwasher did actually stop working. It stopped cleaning. It ran for three hours and absolutely nothing was clean. Wet dishes, but still just as dirty as when I put them into the dishwasher.

Since we have black stainless appliances, we had to special order the dishwasher. A week later the delivery crew arrived. Rude, unprofessional, did not remove the protective plastic from the dishwasher, nor clean up any mess, and emptied the drain into my cabinet.

Horrible experience, and the claim process was even worse. I really only half blame Home Depot, as they contract with these delivery crews. I first contacted Home Depot, and the manager I spoke with was pleasant and apologetic. He filed a claim/complaint for me with the delivery company. I received a few emails from the company, and then a phone call from some manager of the delivery company. He was not that friendly, and questioned me like a CSI investigation.

When I started the complaint with Home Depot I had no intentions of asking for anything besides punishment of the crew. The delivery manager after hearing that only my cleaning cloths and sponges were damaged, offered to just mail me new store bought sponges. Sorry store bought sponges will not replace my Grove products. He asked for an estimate of what I spent, and said he would write me a check for the amount. After another phone call, another email, I got a check in the mail.

After everything, I am still pleased with my dishwasher. Works great and super quiet. Two out of three deliveries from Home Depot have been excellent so when we replace our above the stove microwave we will probably use them again. I will just be more careful about not letting the crew leave until I have fully inspected everything. (We found the water in the cabinet after they had left)

Out with the old…
In with the new!

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