BoxyCharm Subscription

I have been trying out a few different subscriptions, and came across BoxyCharm. I have received two boxes so far.

October box
November box

So far I am loving the selection they have given me. The palettes are beautiful! Everything works really well with my skin tone. Some subscription services, you fill out the profile and then wonder why you even did that. So far it seems like BoxyCharm actually uses your profile to customize the box and colors to you.

I am also on the waitlist for BoxyLuxe, which offers a few different lifestyle and beauty products every three months. Of course this costs extra, but supposedly it’s worth it as you are getting more items, making the box worth more. I will update if I am able to get the December BoxyLuxe box.

Have you tried any subscriptions? Which do you currently use?

If you would like to try out BoxyCharm, you can follow this link to sign up

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