To Clean or To Hire A Service…

I really do not know how working parents keep their homes clean and tidy. I work from home, and I just can not keep up with the cleaning. It seems like there is always a full basket of laundry to be cleaned, sink full of dirty dishes, and the floors are constantly covered in toddler crumbs and dog hair.

How do y’all do it?

My answer… cleaning service! I hired a service that sent 3 ladies out to clean my home top to bottom! They did in 2 hours what takes me 2 weeks to accomplish. I got a discount for them using my cleaning products because I am very sensitive to chemicals.

They came in, asked where the supplies were and got right to work! Started off in my master bathroom, then the boys bathroom, and vacuumed the bedrooms. They dusted everything! Swept and mopped the floors. And finished in the kitchen, even washing the few dishes I had left in the sink! They put everything away neatly, and left my house clean and smelling fresh!

I do not know why I have not hired a service before! This was such a sanity saver!

I got to play with my boys non stop for 2 hours while they cleaned my house! It was great! I did not have to say “In a minute, I need to clean up the kitchen..” “One second, I have to sweep the floor…” “Hold on, I need to…” I did not need to do anything but spend some time with my kids!

Even our Lucy liked them! Well besides when they vacuumed next to her crate – she was not fond of that. If it was not raining outside she would have been playing in the yard.

Thank you to the ladies who cleaned my house! If y’all are in the Montgomery County Texas area and looking for a cleaning service contact me for their information! I’d be happy to recommend them!

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