New Fridge

There really wasn’t anything wrong with our old fridge as far as keeping things cold and frozen as they should be.

It was the ice and water maker. It was possessed! Water wouldn’t shut off unless I opened the door. Ice would be made but wouldn’t come and would get frozen to the spout it exited from. It was awful.

Plus being from the old home owners, it was old and dirty. The water and ice maker just wouldn’t get clean. No matter what I used on it, how long it soaked, or how much elbow grease I used.

I even used our home warranty plan to schedule a service on the water dispenser. They replaced a few parts, but just 2 weeks later it was acting up again. I could have kept scheduling and possibly got a new fridge through the warranty – but it would have been the same fridge. The stove we bought was black stainless, so a new fridge would also need to be black stainless and a warranty is not likely to upgrade your appliance.

So we went out and bought a new Samsung fridge. It has the freezer on the bottom, with a pull out shelf. The double door fridge has two fruit and veggies drawers, a pull out deli drawer, and adjustable shelves. The top shelf on the left side folds up so you can place taller items there. Most importantly – the water dispenser and ice maker work perfect! Very important as we use it daily!

Out with the old….in with the new!

Next up the dishwasher and microwave!

Just a side note – the trashcan in the first picture is great! Touchless automatic open and close! I found it on Amazon and love it!

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